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Memorable brand experiences

Let our highly trained promotional and event staff bring energy and passion to your marketing events across the UK.

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Our professional experience has given us valuable insight on what makes a successful event—hiring the right people. Let’s work closely together in delivering your brand message to your target audience.

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Over two decades of expertise

Since 1998, CTA has helped brands in building meaningful relationships with their consumers. Today, it has grown to be a leading promotional staffing agency all over the UK.

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Attention to Detail at Competitive Rates

We guarantee our clients highly competitive rates with the highest quality of service. Whether you are looking to hire 100 staff for the XYZ event or a single fire breather we would love the opportunity to discuss your event staffing needs.

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Staff Wanted

If you think you have what it takes to join our team to staff events around the UK or in your local area of preference. Complete our 10 minute registration process and we will kick-off the review and interview process within 24 hours.

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Staff wanted
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