Carmella Terrana Agency Ltd has been established since 1998

We have gained valuable, extensive experience and knowledge within the industry and can provide staff for a wide range of corporate requirements and events.

Carmella profile picture

Carmella Moore

Managing Director

Loves a Pimms on the beach, the boys from Supernatural and Thortons continental. Hates dieting, Xfactor, and pelmets on curtains.

David Moore profile picture

David Moore

Sales Manager

Loves golf, wishes he was playing the Masters instead of working. Hates being parted from the Sky remote control.

Nina Mann profile picture

Nina Mann

Senior Account Director

On a permanent diet but loves a curry. Hates laziness and time wasters, but loves dancing to 80's.

CTA is proud to represent quality, motivated, experienced, glamorous and highly reliable personnel, covering all major geographical areas of the UK